Q: What are Eyelash Extensions?

A: An Eyelash enchancing service that gives a longer, fuller appearance to your eyelashes. 

Q: How long will they last? 

A: 3-6 weeks. Clients usually book refill appointments every 2-3 weeks to maintain fullness. 

Q: What is a Classic set?

A: One by one, single lash extensions are adhered harmoniously to your natural eyelashes. We only use premium faux mink lashes. 

Q: What is a Volume set?

A: Anywhere between 3-8 single lash extensions are fanned out by hand and applied to a single natural eyelash. This gives a fuller, fluffier appearance while feeling lightweight and glamorous.

Q: What is a Classic/Volume set?

A: A luxury hybrid of Classic and Volume lash extensions.